The Ultimate Experience: Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours

Jamaica is not only a beautiful island but also a world-famous travel destination. Long stretches of white sand beaches make this beautiful island a “sought after” location by visitors from across the globe. Fun and frolic in the sun is the attraction for natives as well as visitors and why not, when there is so much to see and do on this island in the Caribbean Sea?

driving from montego bay to hanover parish

Beautiful Landscape

From coastal towns to countryside villages Jamaica has lots to offer the daring and the not too daring. Visitors to our shores are fascinated by the scenic views of this beautiful island. If you are a visitor to our shores why not come along, and take a journey into one of the rural areas and discover how you can enhance and enjoy your experience while you are here.

Driving to Hanover Parish

the rural part of jamaica honover parish

The Rural Part of Jamaica

Let’s journey into the rural district of Lethe in Hanover. The village is just 30 minutes’ drive from Montego Bay and is home to the Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours. Starting from Montego Bay your journey takes a westerly route along the Howard Cooke Boulevard onto the Bogue main road. The journey continues into the community of Reading. At the intersection at Reading, turn left onto Long Hill Road, which leads into the community of Anchovy and beyond. As soon as the hilly road flattens out start looking out for the third right turn because that is where you will exit the main road. You have to be careful however, lest you get lost because there are no road signs to direct you into Lethe.

The Direction to the Zipline Adventure

Once you reach the third right turn, look out for a shop at the corner, there you can ask for directions. When you exit the main road, you will have no trouble getting to Lethe because it is straight ahead. Within 10 minutes of driving, you will see a sign on your right indicating the Nature Village Farm. Stay on the left. This direction will take you across a bridge and into the middle of the town of Lethe. Turn right at the roundabout, continue on this road, until you see a long concrete wall. Continue right on this road until you come to a guard shed. Keep going until you reach the parking area called the “Green.”

the green camp of zipline adventure tours

Instructions on the Green

Once you have entered the “Green” you are officially on the Lethe Estates. The estates is also home to Mountain Valley Rafting close to the Great River, which borders the parishes of St. James and Hanover. The “Green” is the welcome area. Here you get to meet the friendly and efficient staff of Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours. The “Green” has rest room facilities, a snack bar with tables and chairs where guests can relax if they want to. There are other activities for the adventurous at heart, liquor tasting and bamboo rafting on the river.

The Eco-Green Experience

Your zipline experience begins the moment you are assigned a Guide. The company is big on safety measures so there is no need to be anxious. Your guide will walk you through the safety briefings, which are quick and easy and explained with lots of jokes thrown in by kind and respectful guides. If you like laughing at yourself, or if you don’t mind being laughed at, then of course you’ll enjoy being in the company of your guides. They are not afraid to laugh at you, at themselves, or anything, just to reassure you that you are in capable hands.

eco green tours and hicking at zipline jamaica

Eco-Green Adventure

The workers here at Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours know exactly how to treat their guests well. The zipline tour package consists of one break, which includes a drink and a fruit harvested from their own fruit garden. Do you need your photographs taken? If you take your own camera, you don’t need the local photographers on site to take pictures for you.

Now you are ready to experience the thrill of zipping through the trees and get your own aerial views of western rural Jamaica. Enjoy the experience on any of the 5 ziplines, which ranges from 250 ft. long to the 1600 ft. long Big Timba.

zipline adventure eco tours from montego bay or negril jamaica

Zipline Fun in Jamaica

Experience the sensation of soaring with the birds, as you zip your way through the greenery and over the trees! Travel at 40 mph per hour speed and experience the awesome view of the Jamaican hills, the Great River and the countryside below. The 250 feet long Jungle Bridge is your link to the next zipline. So climb in and your guides will accompany you all the way.

Enjoy Jamaican Fruits

You can sample freshly picked fruits, coconuts and sugar cane, all grown here on the estate. Take a walk through the gardens and view the production of ginger, coffee and palms. Listen to the guide’s explanation of the importance of these plants in the environment and how they influence the lives of local Jamaicans; the health benefits they provide, and natural remedies for various health problems. While you are here, your visit would be incomplete if you never sampled the Jamaican specialties; curried goat, meat patties and Ackee and Salt-fish (Jamaica’s National Dish). Enjoy a drink of freshly picked coconuts and enjoy the fruit inside that Jamaicans call “jelly.”

mountain valley river rafting on the great river jamaica

Rafting on Great River

Maybe you are wondering if you qualify for the ultimate experience at the Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours. There are restrictions for participants. Finally, to qualify for any of the 5 ziplines, participants have to weigh from 60 to 265 pounds and cannot be taller than 6ft. 5ins. Children must be 10 years and older. Participants must be physically fit. Most of the activities include hiking, jumping and climbing stairs. This tour is not recommended for persons who are pregnant, or for those with heart, back or neck problems.

Are You Ready to Zipline?

Why not travel into Lethe and experience the fun at Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours. Get a group of friends or family members together and experience the thrill! The Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours is definitely a “must do” in Jamaica! The cost of this great eco-green tour is only 89 US$, including pick-up from Montego Bay, Falmouth or Negril. You can book this eco-friendly adventure tour right here at

Maybe you’ve been here before? Why not share your experience. This was part 3 of our series: 10 Days Round Trip. Stay tuned for Part 4 – Jamaica Dream Weekend – Party in Negril.

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