Jamaica Round Trip in 10 Days – Getting There

As promised earlier, we are here to share our experience from a 10 Day Jamaica Round Trip – August 2016 .

Just to be on a safer side and to avoid last minute airline booking rush, we booked our Airline Tickets well in advance, around early February. Central Europe has quite a few Airports and Airlines serving Jamaica with direct flights. Unfortunately for us,  as we were travelling from Switzerland, there are only indirect flights available connecting to Jamaica.

Properly prepared for Jamaica

It’s always fun preparing for your next vacation, curiosity, and anxiety that goes along with it triples the fun. You  plan your trip, search the Internet, watch pictures and videos of your next destination. But, first of all, you need to do some shopping. Suncream and sunglasses are a must-carry when you are traveling to the Caribbean. Also important: Buy some nice gifts for your family, your local Jamaican friends.

Then you have to book your vacation. You can do it the hard way. Surfing the internet and compare prices. To get the best deals you need to consider and book at least on 5 different websites with 5 different tour operators. Especially if you like to have airline tickets, accommodations, airport transfer, guided island tours and an overview of available activities in Jamaica, like sports or sightseeing. Of course, today you can book your Caribbean vacation also the easy way. With a simple E-Mail or phone call, you can contact ALLinVillas. We create individually customized and unique ALL-inclusive package for you. We take extra care that your vacation includes everything you’ll need. Without causing you any headaches and all this at reasonable prices.


New sunglasses fit


Gifts for everyone! Swiss watches

Getting a Flight to Jamaica

We came from Switzerland. Switzerland has 3 international Airports. Zurich, Geneva, and Basel. All of them serving major hubs in other European Countries. Geneva is quite far from our place. Basel has great connecting flights to London-Gatwick and London-Heathrow. From London, there are several flights per week that can take you to Jamaica. British Airways is serving Norman Manley International Airport (KIN) in Kingston. Virgin Atlantic offers flights to Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay. However, from our experiece, both airlines have lately not delivered high quality service and have become quite expensive.

After a deep investigation of our flight booking system, we found an easier and even cheaper way to Jamaica. Condor, a German leisure airline, is offering cheap flights to Jamaica. Serving Montego Bay twice a week, with direct flights from Frankfurt (Germany). This was finally the best choice for our needs.

the flight on world map

Getting Ready for Departure

Zurich International Airport is Switzerland’s largest Airport. This Airport received the World Travel Award 12 times in a row, as Europe’s leading Airport. Skytrax awarded Zurich as one of the top 10 Airports worldwide. What we can say from our experience: Zurich is not a huge Airport. You can find your way quite easily. Most important: Everything is properly organized and very clean. Check-in worked like a Swiss Watch! Very smooth and safe.

Boarding for our connecting flight operated by Lufthansa. It takes only 1 hour and 5 minutes to reach Frankfurt. You get a drink and a small, dry sandwich. That’s it.


Grandma saying Goodbye

Transfer at Frankfurt Airport

The Airport Frankfurt am Main (FRA) is quite a different number compared to Zurich. It is the largest Airport in Germany. No 4 all over Europe. Only Heathrow, Paris and Istanbul are bigger than this one.

Walking in Frankfurt from one Terminal to another can take up to 45 minutes. We had 1 hour only to reach our gate. So guess what? We had to run to catch our flight to Jamaica. Haha! But Jamaica, our final destination, is practically our second home. We don’t mind taking some extra stress to reach there. Especially, when we knew that we will get. A complete 10 days Jamaica Round Trip.


Frankfurt Airport Map


Our Condor a Boeing 767

Frankfurt – Montego Bay, Jamaica – 10h 50m

Some people may ask: How can someone fly more than 11 hours just to get somewhere? The answer is easy: 11 hours are nothing, when you can spend a few days in Paradise.

Condor offers 3 different seat classes. Economy, Premium and Business Class. If you can afford, then we recommend that you book at least Premium Class. You get extra space for your legs, instead of 20kg, you can carry 9kg more luggage. On top of that, you can enjoy free drinks and free movies. Premium Class at Condor is 15 to 20% more expensive than the regular Economy Class. But it’s worth it, if you prefer a little more comfort. For those who can afford the double price, we can recommend Condor’s Business Class. Enjoy a comfortable lounge chair, which will turn into a nice bed at night. On your flight, you get 16kg more luggage capacity and a gourmet menu.

A Jamaica Round Trip is not that cheap anyways, that’s why we prefer flying Economy Class. Flying with Condor got two main advantages. First of all: Their safety & security movie is by far the funniest of all airlines. Secondly: The food they serve is really good and fresh. Which is really not very common on other airlines.

Watch the Condor safety video and have fun:

Arriving Montego Bay, Jamaica

After more than 13 hours of traveling, you have no other wish than to arrive. Even with a very comfortable journey, you’d like to land and get out of this aircraft. We just passed the island of Cuba. Flying towards Montego Bay. But have a look at our picture gallery to see what can happen, when you fly to the Caribbean in rainy season:

Airport Transfer to the Hotel

After landing in Montego Bay, it generally takes about 45 minutes to get out of the airport. At least for a non-resident, traveling with a foreign passport. Passport control is the first step. This can be really fun if the Immigration Officer knows you already. Jamaica is not that big. So if you come to Jamaica more often, people get to know you and are always happy to say “Welcome back home! Wha gwaan?” (what’s up).

The second step is to claim your baggage. The third step is customs. Rather you have something to declare or not, a customs officer will friendly ask you about your stay.

And now, the really last step. Get out of the Airport. Finally! 90 degrees (32° C) heat, 70 % humidity, an arrival hall full of people and cab drivers. But guess what? You don’t care. Because you finally reached Paradise on earth. A vibrating culture, great food, very friendly people and some of the most beautiful beaches of our planet. All this makes it more than worth to travel that far.

Oh sorry! As we arrived our second home, our family came to pick us up. We almost forgot to tell you how to pick a taxi and reach your hotel. Well, to be honest, taking a taxi right at the airport will be expensive. Our recommendation is very easy and very convenient: Rent a car with your personal driver. Driving yourself in Jamaica is not that easy and for sure very tiring. Car rental with a personal driver is quite cheap and very comfortable. You can check out some prices here.

Share your travel experience to Jamaica with us please and stay tuned for our 2nd part of the series: Jamaica Round Trip in 10 Days – Enjoy Montego Bay.

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