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Shopping Guide for Jamaica

Need a Jamaican Shopping Guide? Here you go!

Jewelry Shopping in Jamaica

Jewels, Diamonds & Pearls

In Jamaica you will find some glamorous stores to buy jewels, diamonds or pearls. The best stores are usually hard to find as they are sometimes located a bit hidden. Our favorites are: Tropicana Jewelers in Montego Bay, Diamonds International in Falmouth, or Reve Jewellery & Accessories in Kingston. To name just a view.

Check out our Shopping Tours. We will be pleased to take you around in Jamaica for fine Jewelry.

craft art gallery in jamaica

Craft & Arts

Jamaican’s are very creative. If not the most creative people in the world. When it comes to Craft & Arts shopping Jamaica is offering quite affordable deals to invest in the future. Some of the artists are not yet well known while others are already found in some major Galleries.

If you like to buy some nice local or international Art, then let us guide you to find the best.

shopping centre and malls in jamaica

Shopping Malls

The last couple of years there where nice Shoppings Malls built all over Jamaica. The greatest Malls are located in Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and in Kingston of course. Just to name a view: Times Square Mall in Negril, Taj Mahal Shopping Center in Ocho Rios or the Montego Bay Freeport Shopping Center.

Tell us what exactly you are looking for and we will guide you to the best Shopping Mall of your desire.

jamaica street market

Street Markets

Visit one of many street markets when you come to Jamaica. You will find what ever you want. From Flowers, fresh Fruits and Vegetable, Meet, Fish, Ingredients, Clothing, Shoes, Crafts & Art. On a more or less busy street market in Jamaica you will feel the vibrating life and all the Culture that Jamaica has to offer.

If you like to visit a Street Market hustle free, then please call us to guide you or send us an:

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