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Jamaican Nightlife

Bars, Nightclubs, Clubs, Dancing and Fun in Jamaica

Bars in Jamaica


In Jamaica you will find a Bar on very corner of each street. Jamaica is well known for their world’s famous Rum, Brandy but also Beer. Take your time, sit down, chat with locals or play some Domino if you’re good enough. If you like Rum then order white or brown Appleton Rum. If you prefer Beer then a cold Red Stripe is yours.

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nightclubs in jamaica


When it comes to Nightlife then Jamaica is the place to be. Several Nightclubs all over the place do guarantee for a lot of fun. If you’re looking for drinks, dancing and fun until the next morning then The Jungle in Negril is the place to be. An other top location is Pier1 in Montego Bay or The Quad Nightclub in Kingston.

If you like to go out at night, then let us guide you to the best Nightclubs around Jamaica.

nightlife at ricks cafe negril

A cool Night in Jamaica

For those of you who like to stay out at night but don’t like it to crowded or to loud, we have some nice places to go and chill. How about a drink, chill-out music in the background and in front of you the sun goes down behind the Caribbean Sea. All this you can find at world’s famous Ricks Cafe in Negril. The place to be.

Are you looking for a place just to chill at night? We are more than happy to guide you around.

jamaican cultural dance in theatre

Theatre’s and Shows

Jamaica is probably the best Caribbean island for those of you who like Theatre or Cultural Show Acts. What about visiting a local theatre, attend to a night of culture. Local artists dancing and singing for your pleasure and fun. Traditional Jamaican Dancing is famous all over the world.

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