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Jamaican Food & Restaurants

The Jamaican Cuisine, Restaurant and Fine Dining Guide

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken & Rice

Jamaicas cuisine is rich. Jamaicans love food and they love to eat. The first choice for everybody is a traditional jerk chicken. Almost every Restaurant is serving it. But there are only a view who cook it the real way.

If you like chicken, then jerk chicken is what you need. We will show you the best Restaurants.

Curry Goat Jamaican Food

Curry Goat

When you come to Jamaica you will see goats everywhere. Goat meet is very soft. Fresh made goat does not smell at all. Cooked with Jamaicas’ famous curry it got a real taste. Have you not liked goat before? We bet you will love it here.

Rather you like goat meat or not. Jamaican Curry Goat is is a must try.

Callaloo Jamaican Food

Fresh Callaloo

Do you like vegetable? Do you need a nice side dish? Then you should try Callaloo. Originally from West-Africa, this leaf vegetable, is a famous side dish next to rice & beans, fish or many other dishes. Callaloo is not a Jamaican food only. You will find it all over the Caribbeans.

We love to cook for you. Our cook will be please to serve Callaloo with a fresh barbecue fish.

Ackee and Saltfish

Ackee and Saltfish

Good morning Jamaica! Do you like hot meals for breakfast? Here you go. Ackee is a tree fruit. It’s in the same family as lychee or the longan. The fruit is very tasty, like scrambled eggs for example. Freshly cooked as a side dish with Saltfish, it is the Caribbean breakfast.

The Ackee fruit can be toxic. We recommend to order it only in trusted Jamaican Food Restaurants.

Jamaican Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Seafood Seafood

Welcome to Paradise! If you like Seafood then you came to the right place. Jamaican cuisine offers some of the best Seafood in the Caribbean. Lobster, Fish, Shrimps, Shellfish, what ever you like. There are a very view real good Seafood Restaurants around.

We know the best Seafood Restaurants in Jamaica. Let us take you f.e. to Little Ochi. Contact us today or send us an:

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