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As the sun sets over Jost Van Dyke, the dinghies begin to line up along the dock to Foxy’s world famous beach bar for sundowners. Happy to be at anchor. Sunburned yachties sway to the live music of the local band. Then line the bar to down the signature Dark n’ Stormy. Tiny Great Bay sits along a white sand beach. This bay is one of the most popular in the Caribbean for sailors.

A short dinghy ride away is White Bay. Sailboats and catamarans line the shallow shore clamoring for a spot on the beach. The Soggy Dollar Bar, so named for its water access to sailors who jump overboard and swim ashore to enjoy the notorious Painkiller. The spot to be for a refreshment. Get a coconut milk, rum, orange juice and nutmeg. The beach is a sugar white, crescent lined, with sweet local businesses. Ivan’s Stress Free, is where you can pitch a tent or rent a tiny Caribbean style cottage for cheap. Make yourself a drink in the honor bar. Jam with other folks at the weekly, “ bring your own instrument “ party.

BVI – Perfect Sailing Conditions

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Yachting around BVI is simply amazing

Jost, along with Tortola, Norman, Cooper, Virgin Gorda and Anegada are the British Virgin Islands that draw sailors from around the world. The place for gorgeous beaches and their requisite beach bars. Friendly locals and perfect sailing conditions all over. Easterly trade winds funnel through the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Providing a training ground for newbie cruisers and easy vacation sailing for seasoned sailors. Deep, warm water and well established mooring fields make for worry free vacationing aboard.

The BVI has made welcoming sailors a mainstay of their economy. They established one of the worlds most accessible charter industries. All complete with mooring fields at nearly every anchorage. Furthermore good provisioning, waterfront amenities and a fully trained workforce dedicated to the yachting industry. For seasoned charterers and dreamers who need a safe place to practice the British Virgins are the preeminent Caribbean location. A dozen charter companies have set up base here on Tortola. They provide a fleet of monohulls and catamarans unlike any in the Caribbean. All to accommodate the most discriminating captain and the most budget tight bareboat family.

Luxury Caribbean Sailing Tours

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Luxury Catamaran Charters

A British territory the BVI has become a leader in offshore financial services. Has a high standard of living for islanders. Crime is low. Employment and literacy are high. The proximity of the U.S. Virgin Islands goods and services are readily available by ferry. For sailors this means a good experience ashore. Yachties are welcomed as part of the islands’ economy. On most Caribbean islands tourism is largely focused on land excursions. Same for accommodations and a service economy. The BVI are unique because the tourism industry is on the water. Leading to a population less focused on land service and more on technical, boating and boat maintenance skills.

The islands themselves are volcanic, lush with small beaches and deep-water marinas. The exception is Anegada, a coral atoll reminiscent of the Bahamas. Lobsters are plentiful here and the anchorage is reserved for more skilled navigators. Small sharks prowl the reef. Sun baked hills of conch shells guide the way for visitors intrepid enough to walk the length of the island. You will get a chance to sip drinks at the northernmost point of the BVI. On a luxury British Virgin Islands Sailing Tour you can have it all.

Become a Pirate of the Caribbean

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Pirates get ready!

A pirate history lends to the fascination of the British Virgins. The storied Dead Man’s Chest and the caves at Norman, where abandoned treasure was found over a hundred years ago. The tiny island of Saba Rock has an impressive collection of bullion garnered. Various shipwrecks for display and sale alongside their lovely accommodations. Restaurant where the tarpon gather in the evenings in the glow of the underwater lights at the island’s edge. Become a Pirate of the Caribbean yourself. Come on a British Virgin Islands Sailing Tour.

Virgin Gorda – Sailors Paradise

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Caribbean Sailing Adventure

The beautiful island of Virgin Gorda is a must stop for sailors. At the western edge of the island giant boulders line the sand. Making caves and tiny swimming holes unlike any other in the islands. At the trailhead, visitors can find some of the best snorkeling in the BVI. Sip a rum punch before heading through. A well designed path onto a beach surrounded by giant rock walls. With a view to the busy mooring field.

The real appeal of these little islands is the sweet and happy demeanor of the locals. They greet everyone with a smile and a “Good Morning”. Of course in spite of the annual influx of foreigners to their shores. Their happiness is evident in everything they do. World class dining. Pride of place means each anchorage on each island is a perfect stopping point for tired sailors. A symbiotic relationship between yachties and locals. Yachting has been long established here. Making the British Virgin Islands sailing a unique experience in the Caribbean.

Tortola – Affordable Yachting Tours

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From Luxury to Affordable BVI Yachting – What ever you like

Getting to Tortola is easy through either a direct flight into Beef Island. You can also get there by one-hour ferry ride from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. There is a new cruise ship pier in Road Town, the capitol settlement of Tortola. It has an efficient customs office and all amenities for the discerning traveler are nearby. Taxi drivers are friendly, cabs affordable and accommodations ashore pre-charter are adequate and comfortable.

As a Caribbean experience, the British Virgin Islands are unsurpassed. All for those who enjoy water sports. With constant trade winds, perfect beaches and great dive. Snorkel stops the BVI makes for a memorable, stress free vacation aboard. Dancing under the moonlight at Foxy’s with your crew. Listening to the island beat of the band with a Dark n’ Stormy in your hand. Then attend the full moon party. Coming soon is nothing, but pure happiness in a place where happiness is the daily expectation.

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