Best Caribbean Food Recipes – Top 7 of our Tropical Cuisine Guide

What’s a vacation without good food? Not a very fun vacation, that’s what. Because all that sun and beach frolicking is sure to work up a hearty appetite in anyone.

But no worries, because you’ll have plenty of tasty treats to choose from during your Caribbean adventure. Whether it’s chicken or shrimp or shark or goat, there’s something on the islands to satisfy any craving.

No 1 Goat Stew – Lesser Antilles

goat stew lesser antillesIt’s called goat water on Montserrat and kabritu on Aruba. But whatever the name, these foods have one thing in common – goat meat.

Even if the sound of it doesn’t exactly make your mouth water, we assure you it’s very good. Goat water’s got meat, veggies, spices, and is often served with some rice to help fill you up.

No 2 Jamaican Jerk – Jamaica

jamaican jerkThis is probably the Caribbean’s most famous flavor. Jerk seasoning can be dry or wet, but it’s always spicy.

You’re most likely to find it drenched across some grilled or smoked chicken, but it’s been popular enough to inspire all kinds of different varieties over the years.

No 3 Crab and Callaloo – Trinidad & Tobago

Callaloo is a concoction made by cooking a leafy green vegetable down to a kind of stew, though the specific ingredients used depend on which Caribbean island you’re on.

But our favorite is probably the Trinidadian version, served with crab meat. That’s right, fresh crab straight from the sea and cooked in with your veggies.

No 4 Conch Fritters – Bahamas

conch fritters the bahamasNothing like some fried shellfish. Except this Caribbean specialty is likely nothing you’ve ever tried before.

Those conch shells you see on the beach are actually the home to critters that can be awfully tasty if you cook ’em right. You can try them all kinds of ways across the Caribbean – like chowder and sandwiches – but conch fritters may just be the best.

No 5 Ackee and Saltfish – Jamaica

ackee and saltfish fried dumplins plantin jamaicaThough jerk may be Jamaica’s most well-known culinary contribution, the country’s national dish is something different – ackee and saltfish. Actually our favorite on the Best Caribbean Food Recipes list.

Ackee is actually a fruit, and when it’s cooked up with a little saltfish, veggies, and spices, it becomes one of Jamaican’s favorite breakfast foods.

No 6 Bake and Shark – Trinidad & Tobago

Sandwiches can be a little boring – but this one is anything but. It’s a grilled flatbread topped with… get this: shark!

And to go with your fried shark meat is all kinds of different condiments, veggies, and sauces to choose from. Pick the ones you like most and take a bite.

No 7 Pepperpot – Guyana/Antigua

Pepperpot guyana antiguaLast but no least on our Best Caribbean Food Recipes: Pepperpot, is a dish popular all across the Caribbean, Guyana and Antigua in particular.

But both countries have a distinctly different take on the dish. Though they each include plenty of meat and veggies, the type of ingredients and the way they’re cooked differ. But rest assured that no matter where you try your first bowl of pepperpot, it’ll be an experience you’ll definitely enjoy.

Let’s Dig In!

Which one will you try first? Bake and shark, ackee and saltfish, or just some good ol’ pepperpot? Actually the list of Best Caribbean Food Recipes could go up to a couple hundreds.

No matter which one you choose, you’re in for some new and delicious flavors. And there are plenty of other great Caribbean meals that didn’t make the list, to be sure.

Did we forget one of your favorites? We’d love to hear about it!

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