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  • This is a great Project, because it includes local people and visitors in a synergy to develop the tourism in Jamaica. This idea promotes many benefits for everyone. The Villas are eco friendly and affordable for renting. It promotes many tourist packages to know the real island and their culture. Also, it promotes the social and sustainable tourism. A great reason to support it.

    may green
    May Green, Ohio

  • When you want to visit Jamaica, you have to know this project at first. This will give you the opportunity to know the real Jamaica and support the sustainable tourism in the island. This project has given many opportunities for local people to show their custom and traditions using it in a social way. This project permits the growing of this nation including everybody in the same way.

    Michael Jacobson
    Michael Jacobson, Dallas

  • We like our privacy. A luxury and safe stay away from crowded buffet meals. And we hate to be tourists that are locked up by big hotel chains only for their own business purposes. Now we can make holidays with a difference by adding value and showing relevance. The Social Jamaican Getaway is the sure way!

    Marc & Emely Walters
    Marc & Emely Walters, London UK

  • What’s the point of being a tourist without experiencing and enjoying all of these things? And what’s the point of being a tourist without leaving your mark in the community you visited! This is where you need – The Social Jamaican Getaway.

    Doris Write
    Doris Write, California

  • Omg! i love love love this…

    Ohsocandy Lecia, Jamaica

  • I love the design

    Dawn Ebony McLean, Jamaica

  • Nice!

    Everald Italiano Gordon

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